Why You Can Earn More but Work Less through ClariStock

Not Enough Time to Analyze Stock?

Problem 1: Since there are too many information and news about stocks, people lack time to digest them all. It is also ineffective to read all the information of a particular stock.

What We Offer: ClariStock uses algorithm to quantify stocks and help investors to spend the minimal time (1 minute) to get the most valuable information of a stock. When you hear a stock name, just enter the stock ticker and you can use 1 minute only to know its quality and growth potential.

Problem 2: Am I going to invest in that stock?

What We Offer: Just input the stock ticker and observe if the total mark is above 70 and any wide moat? If yes, consider investing. If below 70, ignore it.

Problem 3: Which stock can deliver a high return in future?

What We Offer: After quantifying stocks by ClariStock algorithm, we will provide a monthly stock recommendation list consisting of top 30 stocks in terms of total mark. They are quality growth stocks and may give you a high return in future. We strongly encourage “Don't Put All your Eggs in One Basket”, so we recommend you to establish an equity portfolio for investing in at least 15 quality growth stocks. We also encourage you to do your own qualitative analysis on their moats. Screen out the stocks that do not have wide moats.

Problem 4: Humans often have subjective judgments and bias which will impair performance.

What We Offer: ClariStock has developed an algorithm. As algorithm considers data and numbers only and has no emotion, not affected by market sentiment or subjective human judgment, it can make more objective investment decision and enhance overall performance.

Why Other Websites Cannot Perform Our Role?

Other websites provide too many information which most of them are not the most useful criteria to determine if the stock is worth to be invested.