How to Earn More in Stock but Spend Less Time through ClariStock

ClariStock is the only website that helps investors to use 1 minute to know the quality and growth potential of a stock. ClariStock will use algorithm to quantify stocks and aim to provide the most valuable stock information and save your time.

How You Can Earn More in Stock

Everyone would ask which stock can provide a high return in future. When you search a stock in ClariStock, our algorithm will quantify this stock and tell you its quality and growth potential. Normally, if a stock has high quality and growth potential, it may bring you a high return.

But How Can I Find these Quality Growth Stocks

Total Mark above 70 and Buffett’s moat

Just pick a stock with total mark above 70 and wide moat. Stock analyze involves two steps, quantitative and qualitative analysis. ClariStock focuses on quantitative analysis and uses algorithm to quantify stocks. We also recommend you to perform your own qualitative analysis including analyzing its moat and its products or services on its website. Think like Warren Buffett, whether this stock has a wide moat that dominates the industry? Remember! If the stock has a total mark above 70 and a wide moat, this stock can be qualified as a quality growth stock. Invest in it in long-term, this may provide you with a high return in future.

ClariStock targets investors who use fundamental analysis and make long-term investment in stock and do not have plenty of time in stock analysis.

ClariStock initially provides the most useful information about the top 2,000 US stocks in terms of market capitalization.

ClariStock strongly encourages “Don't Put All your Eggs in One Basket”, so we recommend you to establish an equity portfolio for investing in at least 15 quality growth stocks. The main problem is how and where I can find quality growth stock? Use ClariStock to search stock! If a stock has the total mark above 70 and wide moat, this may be a quality growth stock. You can also go to “Recommendation” section to see our recommended stocks. You can jump to “Usage” section to learn how to use ClariStock to pick quality growth stocks. 

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