Why use computer to invest, not human? [2018]

ClariStock is a few of websites that use computer only to analyze stocks and help you to make better investment decisions to attain high return. We do not rely on any human to make investment decisions. That is our difference compared to other financial websites, brokers and traditional asset management companies.

When you hear a US stock name, just type the stock ticker in ClariStock and enables you to know a stock in 1 minute! ClariStock has developed an algorithm to quantify fundamental and growth potential of stocks. It assigns a total mark to each stock without any human judgment. Generally, a higher total mark means the stock has high growth potential and strong fundamentals, implying a high potential return in future. We recommend you to focus more on those stocks with high total mark.

As algorithm considers data and numbers only and has no emotion, not affected by market sentiment or subjective human judgment, it can make more objective investment decision and enhance overall performance. That is the main reason why ClariStock uses computer only, not human to analyze stocks.

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