Why Bother With Crypto Investment? Copy Our Super Growth Crypto Trades

Summary: Copy our cryptocurrency trade here. Afterward, you can save a lot of time and effort on investment and research.

Social Trading

Have you heard the term of social trading or copy trading? It is a form of investing that allows you to observe, follow and simply COPY the investment strategies of experts or peers. Social trading requires NO knowledge about the financial market, investment, cryptocurrency or stocks. Social trading is described as a low cost, highly efficient alternative to traditional wealth managers which cost you a lot.

You can watch this video to know more about social trading, produced by Etoro. Etoro focuses on stock social trading. Our idea is the same but now we talk about cryptocurrency (crypto) social trading, not stock social trading. You can read our crypto portfolio here.

Why choose us?

First, we have a very solid track record to prove our capability in cryptocurrency investment, especially we are early investors on cryptocurrency since 2018. Not just follow the herd to start crypto investing in 2021.

Summary of our track record:

  1. Bought Bitcoin at USD 3,856 on Dec 19, 2018, until Oct 16, 2021: 1,484% return
  2. Bought Ethereum at USD 183 on Apr 9, 2019, until Oct 16, 2021: 1,992% return
  3. Bought NuCypher (NU) at USD 0.3043 on Aug 28,2021, until Oct 16, 2021: 435% return

You can read our following actual historical transaction record. This is a real portfolio, not a model portfolio. 

 Our first purchase of Bitcoin (BTC) was Dec 19, 2018. As we were in Hong Kong at that time, the purchase price was displayed in HKD. Took the average historical rate of HKD/USD of 7.78, HKD 30,000 implied a purchase price of USD 3,856/BTC. Until Oct 16, 2021, current Bitcoin price is USD 61,115, meaning a return of 1,484% just within three years!

Besides, we have also purchased Ethereum (ETH) at that time. Our first purchase of ETH was Apr 9, 2019. The purchase price was HKD 1,424, implied USD183/ETH only! Until Oct 16, 2021, the latest ETH price is USD 3,829, indicating a return of 1,992%, nearly 20x return within three years!

Or we can talk about our near-term successful cases this year. For example, we have already invested in NuCypher (NU) on Aug 28, 2021. The purchase price was USD 0.3043. NU suddenly surged 390% on Oct 15, 2021. The current price on Oct 16, 2021, is USD 1.63, the return is 435% within two months! Earning this incredible return is the beauty of cryptocurrency. It is challenging to find a similar return on other assets, including equity and real estate. Making an amazing return on crypto is the main reason why we talk about crypto now.

You may ask why we can have that fantastic return of 1,484% and 1,992% respectively on Bitcoin and ETH within three years or 435% on NU within two months?

The primary reason is that we need to have a forward-looking mindset. We focus on the future, not the current environment. We do not care about the short-term news. We just care about the long-term issues. We need to buy “BEFORE the herd”, BEFORE the market rally. Our core investment strategy is pretty straightforward: we buy quality assets in advance and WAIT, must need the patience to wait for the market appreciation of its value, then observe its price explodes!! Just like our successful investment cases in Bitcoin, Etherum and NuCypher in the past.

Let take NU for an example, when you read the 1-year price chart, you can see we have already invested on Aug 8, 2021, and then just wait. We need patience and wait for the rally to start on Oct 15, 2021. Frankly speaking, if we know the perfect timing of the rally, we will buy on the day just before the rally. But this idea or assumption is irrealistic. No one can perfectly predict the timing of a rally. The thing we can do is just buy and hold, wait for the rally to come. Now we can enjoy the fantastic high return as the rally has finally arrived!

Why can we invest in this super growth crypto before the rally?

Not just NU, if you look at our portfolio at Coinmatic. We apply the Venture Capital Investment Framework. Details of our Venture Capital thinking can be referred here. We emphasize investing in lots of potential Super Growth Crypto apart from solely large-cap crypto (Bitcoin). We have already invested in dozens of Super Growth Crypto similar to NU now. We have already invested in them before the rally. The only thing is just being patient. Again, we will not predict the rally’s timing, but we know the rally will come in one day.

So can you also replicate our success?

The answer is YES! Let’s return to social trading. If you agree to the idea of social trading and our investment strategy, now you can have a chance to just copy our 100% trades at Coinmatics, investing in next Bitcoin!

Following is the detailed instruction on how to follow our trades. This may take you 10-15 minutes to finish these steps.

  1. Do you have a Binance account? If yes, please skip this step and go to step 2. Otherwise, please create an account at Binance  using our code. Both of us can enjoy a 10% trading discount on the trading fee, a win-win situation! Binance is the largest exchange in the world in terms of trading volume. We recommend using the largest exchange in the world, which is more secure. Then you can buy crypto there directly with your credit card. Or you can purchase crypto by depositing fiat money or P2P trading (Use fiat money to buy crypto). 
  2. Create an account at Coinmatics  using our code. You do not need to deposit lots of cryptocurrency or fiat money at Coinmatics for copy trade.
  3. Connect your cryptocurrency exchange account (e.g. Binance) to Coinmatics. At Coinmatics, press the upper left-hand corner, go to the dashboard page. You will see there are three steps on that page. First, do the first step (connect your exchange account). Press the button of “connect an account”, then click add account. If you use Binance exchange account, select Binance exchange, click continue.
  4. Next, you need to go back to Binance exchange to create your own API key. API key means Coinmatics can have the “key” to access your Binance account to trade automatically based on our strategy trades, but Coinmatics does not have “key” to withdraw your money.
  5. Click the “API control page” at Coinmatics and then it will direct you to Binance account “API management”, then log-in Binance. On the row of “create API”, create a label name (create a name you like) and click “Create API”. Afterward, you need to make a security verification for both phone and email.
  6. If successful, you will see a whole new section under the “API list” . The name is just created by you previously. In that section, you will find “API key” and “Secret key”, just copy them. On the upper right-hand corner, press “Edit restrictions”. For the “API restrictions”, click “Enable Reading”, “Enable Spot & Margin Trading”, click “Unrestricted (Less Secure) ” under IP access restrictions. Enabling these options mean Coinmatics can access Binance to trade as social trading. Do NOT click “Enable Withdrawals”, meaning Coinmatics cannot withdraw your money out of Binance, so it is the safest option.
  7. Afterward, go back to “Add API Key” page at Coinmatics, click “Next step”, create a name you like under “Name your connection”. Then paste the two keys that you just copied at Binance. Then click “Add Account”, then you successfully connect the excahnge account to Coinmatics.
  8. Choose our strategy to copy. Click the “Subscribe” button under “Copy Trading,” then follow its instructions. Afterward, enjoy your gain in the long run without doing lots of research! This can save you lots of time and effort. You can spend your time with your loved one while can earn a high return in the long term!

But make sure you have enough USDT at your Binance account. You do not need to have much USDT at Coinmatics. When you copy our trades at Coinmatics, you need to have enough USDT to trade crypto at Binance. Whatever we buy or sell crypto at Binance, you have established an account at Coinmatics and connected it to Binance account. Just think of Coinmatics as a bridge. It will direct your Binance account to make the SAME 100% trade with us. For example, when we buy Bitcoin for 5% weighting for our portfolio, you will also buy 5% Bitcoin at the SAME time with the SAME weighting automatically. You do not need to press any button manually when we make trades. The only thing you need to do is taking a break! Yes, it is just so relaxing and straightforward!

Disclaimer: we are not financial advisors, this article is just for educational purposes only.

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