Clarify Nvidia in 1 Minute, Mark: 91/100 [24 May 2018]

How can ClariStock clarify Nvidia in 1 minute?
ClariStock emphasizes to provide the most important information to users. We adopt robo investing and use computer to analyze stocks. As computer considers data and numbers only and has no emotion, not affected by market sentiment or subjective human judgment, it can make a more objective investment decision and enhance overall performance.

How to use ClariStock to analyze Nvidia?
When you read our recommendation list in May, Nvidia has a very impressive and high total mark of 91, ranked 3rd out of 30 stocks we recommended in May

Does this stock have total mark above 70?
As we said before, a stock which has total mark above 70 and wide moat can be considered to be invested. A stock having total mark of 91  is fantastic and let ClariStock explain why Nvidia has a high total mark.

Why high mark of 91? Any High growth potential?
Nvidia scores a good mark of 83 in growth potential, meaning it has high growth potential. You can refer to growth estimate. Market has a very high expectation on Nvidia.Nvidia is expected to deliver +30% revenue and +50% EPS growth in 2018.

Of course, this is a very high growth. ClariStock believes this growth can be achievable as Nvidia is benefited from the wide use of GPU across all sectors, data center, gaming, AI, automotive etc. These sectors have robust demand for products of Nvidia as Nvidia has dominated GPU market across the world.

High Profitability and Strong financial Health
Nvidia also scores 100 mark in profitability field. Nvidia recorded an excellent margin of +60% gross profit margin in the previous quarterly result. Nvidia also has stable financial health with mark 86 on financial strength.

Any Good Historical Result to Support Future Prospect?
Nvidia delivered excellent quarter results in the previous two quarters with scoring both 100 in these two quarters. Nvidia also had wonderful result in 2017 with mark of 100. These consistent historical track records can prove Nvidia can continue to perform well in future. We will continue to examine Nvidia in the next article.

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